The Best of 2016

Posted on 30 December 2016


As 2016 draws to an end point, you may end up scrambling to make up for lost time with the year's best movies. In the recent months alone, there's been alot of must-see silver screen, and as we close to the awards season, you'll need to be altogether caught up. So far all the movies released in 2016 has been really great. Here are the 5 best movies of the year so far, from intimate indie movies to raunchy superhero blockbusters and tragic, fabulous scale tilts at understanding love and life.


  1. Arrival


The first on the rundown is Arrival. The film is astounding. Amy Adams' blend of dread and intrigue when she first sets eyes on the outsiders known as alien was precisely how we would have felt in the same situation. Apart from stunning acting and lovely visuals, this film has an effect on the way you see the world. As the story advances, it changes our comprehension of the ideas of time, dialect, and handshakes. You'll be discussing this amazing movie long after you watch it.


  1. Deadpool


In the event that 2016 has shown us anything, it's that we don't generally require any more movies about supercharged randoms entrusted with sparing the world from conceivable pulverization because of yet another awful villian. Be that as it may, Deadpool is something else completely. The X-Men sequel spin off, which star Ryan Reynolds pushed hard to get made, is R-appraised, smart, and brimming with quick hitting jokes. It's much more serene than a portion of the other comic book flicks this year—sweet alleviation. How magnificent to watch a film where the legend is somewhat of an idiot, yet adores his lady and needs to saves the people. Deadpool additionally addresses malignancy or cancer in a genuine way that is really unexpected for a blockbuster.


  1. Kubo and the Two Strings


A mix of Eastern and Western adventures, Kubo and the Two Strings demonstrates there's a considerable measure of life left in stop motion animation with a story that is splendidly created and magnificently told. It's one thing to recount an extraordinary story in stop-motion, however it's something else completely – and absolutely uncommon – to utilize the craftsmanship to dispatch a candidly charged epic that stands tall among the greatest players in animation activity. When advanced motion has turned into the standard, Kubo demonstrates that an awesome story is that vastly much better when there's as much heart in the way it's told as there is in the story itself.


  1. Moana


It was enticing to expel this so far another Disney princess film, however when I perceived how splendid Moana was, any other doubt question was washed away. The film is a visual champion, yet outside of the specialized circle it likewise conveys in all the ways each incredible Disney motion picture ought to - it's loaded with heart, brimming with chuckles, and it is very brave astounding catchy tunes that you'll be murmuring for months. And while Moana's story of living her fantasies while in the meantime satisfying her duties as a leader resonated unequivocally with us.


  1. Captain America: Civil War


Comic book fans like me have seen heroes battling different legends over and over. It's exclusive normal we'd witness the same on the wide screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the wake of seeing the Avengers collaborate to battle unimaginable chances, they're currently battling for screen time against each other as the establishment of the group starts to crumble. Civil War re-analyzed the way the Marvel known heroes can work.


2016 has been a great year for Hollywood, we have seen alot of great movies thats are just too many to mention. Some honourable mentions include; Secrets life of pets, Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters, Bad moms, Zootopia, The jungle book etc.

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